Ayesha Curry: The Real MVP

Original article written and posted to FreddyO.com on April 23 2016

Ayesha-Curry-Wearing-Clothes-Twitter-RantThe year was 2015 the date December 5, Ayesha Curry committed treason! She dared to voice her moralistic opinion on the way a woman should be “appropriately dressed” in public. Why did this make headlines? Why was this even considered a traitrous or ambiguous statement against womankind? I’ll tell you why, because the demographics of “feminist” has evolved.

Today, being a supporter of women’s equality means you have to be “open-minded” about the way women choose to conduct and “express” themselves. In other words don’t condemn a woman who dresses like this


Wait, sorry that’s not a dress and that’s not a woman; that’s actually Kanye’s wife!

In today’s “modern world Ayesha Curry is an anomaly and so are her views about what should be sacred for your husband, that’s right Husband, not boyfriend, or boo thing! It’s no longer considered moralistic to feel naked when you’re not wearing any clothes in PUBLIC, instead it’s viewed as a form of “expression” and all about a woman being “comfortable” in her own skin. Le sigh….

Ayesha is a full proponent for women respecting themselves in a manner that’s also respectful of others, to suggest that she is a feminist or a “slut shamer” is ludicrous, but to brand her as an anomaly should be shameful to ALL women. There should be no debate on whether being nude in public is distasteful, it’s just plain wrong, especially if you are a role model to or for younger girls!

She makes being a woman look so easy, but i bet that’s because she has a man that supports her and treats her like the Queen she portrays herself to be. Her husband maybe a bigger celebrity than she is, but when it comes to keeping it all together he gives the credit to God and to her.


In a world where politicians are trying to “Make America Great Again” by antagonizing minorities and encouraging hate and segregation, where women are devaluing each other, “hip-hopping in the name of love” we need more women like Ayesha Curry who can stand in a kitchen all prim and proper and show how us how revenge to haters is best served!



How to lose your man in 3 easy steps. 

Some women just can’t help themselves, perhaps they can blame genetics, that the “nag” in them comes from a long history of insecure women of her family tree. Perhaps, it comes from past experience of broken trust from a former relationship, but wherever it comes from, nagging and insecurity are two of the biggest contributors to being a nominee for “singledom” membership. 

If you are looking for ways to intentionally lose “your man” just follow these three easy steps! You’re welcome! 

  1. The minute he gets home after a hard days work, start nagging him. Let him know that you had a long day and don’t want to come home to have to move his shoes from the front door to the closet, or that he promised you yesterday that he would fix the bathroom faucet when he got home and it isn’t done yet. Do this everyday, don’t consider the day he may have had, or that unforeseen phone call he may have gotten that a long time homie may have just been gunned down right before he got home. Accost him 0.145 seconds after he walks through the door. 
  2. Constantly remind him of how “independent” you are. Remind him of how when you first met him you was “good” doing your own thing and didn’t need no man, even though he met you walking on your street about to catch the #10 bus to the mall and offered to give you a ride in HIS car!  Jab your independence in his side when you’re having one of those “We need to talk” conversations that just went south, cause he asked you whether or not y’all was good three weeks ago about the conversation you want to talk about right now that he isn’t interested in hearing, so now your bitchiness is at 100!
  3. Constantly compare him to your ex, you know that great ex you caught cheating on you multiple times that used to abuse your trust, but bought you gifts and took you in trips to compensate for his manly deficiencies? Yeah that ex. ALWAYS do this during one of those arguments you would have started from point #1 

After completing these three simple steps you are guaranteed membership into singledom! The kingdom where single women bitch and complain about how all men are dogs and try to give women in otherwise happy relationship advice!