I wanna play a “Game”

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name “The Game” and most recently by his self-proclaimed name “meat print papi!” is one of the most infuriatingly sexy men on the planet! To me it’s not just his hood attitude, his mesmerizingly beautiful hazel eyes, nor the fact that he has the ability to spit sex game like Adonis himself, but my attraction for Game comes from his altruistic nature and his ironclad love for his kids. He’s Dr.Dre’s most notable protege, but for many of us who really don’t care about the material feats Game has accomplished, he’s s real life Robin Hood. 

 Ok first let me explain why I’m even writing about this relevant Instagram comment creeping sex symbol. Usually I’m that female that’s trolling the Internet looking for stories about the real issues plaguing the world and how I can use my platform to bring awareness to these issues, but I was on Instagram scrolling through my news feed about three weeks ago and almost choked on the Starbucks mango frappacino I was drinking! I’m not a fan of the Instagram famed exposed blogger “the shaderoom,” but I do follow their page cause they do stay abreast of what’s going on with celebrities and the likes. Anyway so about three weeks ago they posted this picture     

 Now everyone may not feel the way I do about a man covered in tattoos, but that lights my embriotic juices on fire! So as you can imagine I felt my whole body tingle.  The Game has this scheduled Instagram post thing he does he calls “fineniggafriday”, now let me tell y’all about Game’s #fineniggafriday!! 

This man deliberately poses barely clothed, snaps a pic, posts it to his Instagram page, then proceeds to give illicit and prolific instructions and imagery on how to give yourself an exhilarating  orgasm! Ok breathe.. just writing that and reflecting on some of the things he says just made me cross my legs and shift in my seat, but you don’t have to believe me take a look for yourself! 


Ok have you composed yourself yet?! I’ll wait… Games virtual sex talk is fire! If you don’t think so, then you’re probably that woman that gets cheated on all the time cause you think, sucking a dick is nasty! Listen you don’t have to like lewdness,  but your man doing half the things to you that game spits will have you picking his ass up from work waiting outside with the M27 IAR (that’s a really powerful machine gun) waiting for a female to even dare to side eye him! It would be that serious! 

I’m not the only one thinking like that, scrolling through the comments under these posts you can go into hysterics laughing from the lengths women would be willing to go through if Game were their man, or if their man was doing those things! From the amount of “likes” he has gotten on those posts, it’s very clear that Game is mind screwing a lot of women, but his reach doesn’t stop there, apparently men were taking notice of how the underwear Game sported in the pics enhanced his clearly and perfectly endowed “meat”, causing the men to the rush into stores to purchase the Ethika brand, creating a sizable increase in sales for the underwear mogul. 

Talk about power of the “meat”! If it’s one thing I’ve learned from this experience of trolling The Game’s  page; he has two by the way, it’s that Mr. Taylor likes to play Games, (pun intended) ’cause he owns the title, but becareful, when Game plays, he plays with fire and getting burned is an aphrodisiac! 




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