I Am Black

The longest shit I ever wroteDear white people It doesn’t matter what my name is, because you see me all the time, I am in your child’s crayon coloring box, I am the dye in any article of clothing that you choose with a darker hue, I am that individual at the other end of your gun barrel that doesn’t look like you.

If you are not blonde, or your hair is not auburn in color then I am the dye in the color that you use to darken your hair to become brunette or to make it darker, am I becoming more familiar to you now, remember Kajieme Powell?

Yes I am black you know me well, for centuries you’ve tried to devalue my worth make me feel ashamed of the color of my skin, tell me that your “whiteness” is the high ness of human existence. Enslaved me behind your secret red doors, made my women your secret whores. Having your fill of “the American Dream,” the ecstasy fulfilled by a Nubian Black Queen, yet you defile the streets with the blood of Kings! Tamir rice didn’t get his crown because he was slain, im so sick of this, SAY HIS NAME!

Feel me like I’m your own skin, pursue me through your dreams till I’m deep within your conscience sight of what your future looks like. Don’t stop sculpting this road made of clay until you’ve created our inevitable meeting place. im here in these streets waiting for you to see me bleeding out and feel the rage that burns within the sanity of being human and helpless.

Dear white people my name is Black.

Can you please stop using me for purposes suited to your “in the moment needs” then discarding me? 

Look at me and see my skin know that I am not your enemy, but I am your equal because my sweat my tears the blood of my forefathers made it possible for us ALL to have freedom! 


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