If laughter is good for the soul, then getting paid with a reality check should be your second salvation! He doesn’t cut corners, has no bridle on his mouth and he’s not afraid to serve you your ignorance, opinion, or self believed prolific thoughts on a platter, then proceed to tell you to choke on it. 

He goes by the pseudonym “Evolver81” on Instagram. He is a member of the “Memetangclan” and by far the most honestly boorish of them all (that by the way, is a compliment)! 

He rivals “The Game” in my personal opinion for the title of “Petty King.” I’m just going to insert a warning right here: Do not attempt to tell him, what he can or cannot post to HIS personal page, or attempt to insinuate that he “Should” change his view or perspective to be “tolerated or accepted” by you or your opinions of him. 

Consider yourself warned. If you do not heed my warning, may your self-esteem and every good or positive feeling you had in that moment of commenting,forever Rest in Peace amen. 

Mr Evolver’s post are mostly parodies, voice overs, pictures or quotes of everyday events and issues that appeal to the funny bone in us all, but there are times when his posts are intended to provoke thought and to encourage, (mostly women) to respect themselves and to realize their humanly worth. 

He speaks as a man that values the woman, who understands that ‘respect of self’ is more appealing to a man than the value of her pocket and contributions to a relationship. He admonishes women to educate themselves and to believe that you don’t have to offer sex to be desired by a man for sex! (He’s profound that way!) He staunchly advocates for the empowerment of women who use their minds and not their bodies to gain the wealth that the world has to offer. 

It’s usually from these posts, the real humor and entertainment is found by his followers, because from the woodworks feminist, daring self-proclaimed  “philosophers and educators” and some really over sensitive men (men being questionable) arm themselves with arsenals of liquid courage to voice what would seem to most observers as their personal and biased opinionated commentaries on why they feel he should be a little less vocal on the subject being spoken on. 

This is the moment we (the followers) are usually waiting for. We proceed to check off the items that will be required to sustain our composition, once  Mr. Evolver acknowledges this or those individuals. The checklist: 

  1. Popcorn (this is essential because no one wants to interrupt his clapback) just keep your mouth filled and keep scrolling.
  2. Kleenex (you are almost guaranteed to laugh so hard you will cry)
  3. A friend (you can’t pick your own mouth up off the floor can you?) 
  4. A cardiologist ( heart attacks are likely to happen based on the severity of his response) 
  5. Funeral attire ( please know that after he’s done responding to the insolent commentator, they will have been verbally murdered) 
  6. A psychologist’s number on hand   (if you’re a nice person, you’d want to recommend the victim to one of these specialist) 

Overall his page is very multifaceted from the perspective that it can appeal to persons 17 and older who are not narrow minded, self righteous or just simply a prick!

 He doesn’t try to “kick knowledge” or try to “entertain” or be accepted by anyone; as a matter of fact there’s no effort of him trying to do anything! What he does do, is speak his mind on HIS page and says the things REAL MEN should say and REAL WOMEN can appreciate! His perspective of the evolution of women is appreciated and was recently reiterated by Ayesha Curry (wife to NBA basketball player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors) their point of views on this particular social ill is what needs to be heard world wide! 

Mr. Evolver, we the real people of the world salute you, most people can’t handle a full 100, they prefer to keep it 8 less 92! 


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