Can I get some media with that privacy? 

It seems to me that in order to have privacy you have to bar down your house with 15 inch spikes, g12 your windows, make every guest/friend that’s going to be in your company leave their “smart phones” in their car or better yet at home and put in a futuristic alarm system that can smell the paparazzi coming 15 miles away! Nothing is private anymore and every one that has a modern smart phone is a photographer/videographer! 

If you’re teenish or twenty something and above, the internet is Life!! There’s nothing you can’t or won’t  find on there and I mean NOTHING!!! From prehistoric information about the stone ages, to the size, look, and feel of Justin Beibers penis, literally! When is too much information really inappropriate and who wrote the clause that if you’re a celebrity, you denounce having the right to privacy? 

Every one has the constitutional right to have privacy and to lead a private life, not subjected to the peering of onlookers and unsolicited opinion of people with a biased perspective. The world has long been obsessed with the “secret lives” of public figures and celebrities, but being categorized as a public figure, does not give anyone the right to intrude into that persons personal life. Here’s my point, just because I chose to go to South Africa and feed the underprivileged children there and word gets out about my philanthropic and altruistic efforts, does not give anyone an invitation, nor the permission to start digging up my entire chronological existence! What I did in South Africa was what I wanted to do as a human being in the position to help another human being not in my position. Where anywhere in that concept is the permission to divulge to the general public, my husband’s name, my kid’s name or invite the opinions of how my children dress or their mixed ethnicity? I’ll wait….

Being intrigued by the lives of people is ok, there’s nothing wrong with being curios about someone that has done a good deed or someone that is living their life in public view as an entertainer or general notable public figure, but understand that the only information that is rightfully appropriate for public scrutiny is the WORK that’s being done in the public view. 

The media intrudes on personal and in some instances intimate private moments where celebrities and other prominents would like a shot of “normalcy” like going out to dinner with family and friends or their significant other, please tell me why does that have to be news and made a headline in the next edition of the morning paper?!! If having dinner is news worthy, I’ll be in red lobster next week with my sister, seated at the back next to the Windows, I’ll be waiting for y’all to come and ogle me!! 

I’m sure it’s irritating to the celebs who can’t have a “normal” life and not because it’s not possible, but because the media over exploits the need for obsession with human beings who just happened to be a little talented! 


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