Do you really want to taste the rainbow inside of a birdcage? 

When I mentioned to a good friend of mine that I intended to write this article, the question posed to me was, “Are you sure you want to take on this giant?” I thought about his question, kissed his forehead and told him, I’m still praying that he realizes his lifestyle is wrong; said we’d catch up later and I walked out of our local Starbucks. I had to ask myself that question and ponder on it for a bit and I decided my answer was Yes!

From Love and Hip Hop, to Empire’s most dysfunctional idolized Lyons family, even reaching the “White House” homosexuality has come out in a big way! I don’t believe anybody has been left “in the closet.”

Over the last five years, there have been numerous celebrities, TV personalities, Prominent public figures, Singers and Athletes such as, Tim Cook; Apples’ ceo, Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts, Raven-Symone, Prison Breaks lead male star Wentworth Miller, Jodie Foster, Cnn’s beloved anchor Anderson Cooper, Will and Grace star Sean Hayes, Latino superstar Ricky Martin, Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, Neil Patrick Harris, Growimg pains actress Merideth Baxter, Lady gaga, English actor Rupert Everett, George Takei, Former Cleveland cavaliers forward, John Amaechi; Kim Zolciack, RnB phenomenon Frank Ovean, and football player Michael Sam, has openly admitted to being homosexual, and as such and in response to these admissions, you’ve had persons who are opposed to that lifestyle, and so the war begins.

Let’s first look at the word homosexual, as it is defined in the unabridged Miriam Webster dictionary:

Homosexual: Of relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex. When I look at the physiology and anatomy of man and woman I am exhorted to agree with the original instruction in Genesis 1:28, where God gives a mandate to Adam (a man) and Eve (a woman) to populate the world by “being fruitful and multiplying.” Translating that for secular transparency, God basically told them y’all get to sexing, no prophylactic required, go make lots of babies! It’s pathologically, virtually, scientifically and any other action word you’d like to append the “ly” adverb to, impossible for two people of the same sex to procreate!

Do I believe all men are created equal? No. do I believe a person was created /born gay? No I do not! However, philosopher Sigmund Freud was of a different theory, asserting that we are all born as bisexuals! That would be a complete contradiction to the bible if that were the case. I do believe Homosexuality is a choice, one that’s made by individuals that are unexplainably addled about their natural origin and sexual make up! 

Homosexuality is no longer frowned upon as taboo, it’s not even looked at on the mainstream as unnatural, in fact, transgendered individuals are being praised as heroic and brave, the loud, boisterous and flamboyant Sydney Starr was recently interviewed and made claim to being the “mother” of transgenders replicating the Nicki Minaj favorite punchline “these bitches is my sons.” Caitlyn Jenner formerly, Bruce Jenner, was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, I’m still waiting for them to explain that one! This year alone major milestones have been made within the LGBT community, particularly in the United States. On June 26, the Supreme Court passed the ruling making it legal for same sex marriages nationwide and president Obama lauded it as “A victory for America” I supported Obama before that day. 

Various research and studies into why individuals are gay have been carried out, the unanimous conclusions have been that it’s a choice that a person makes, whiles others have debated that it’s a genetic trait that a person was born with. Those that don’t believe the latter and opt to concede with the predecessor are branded as homophobic and like those individuals and their beliefs, I’m certain this article will be branded as hateful or homophobic or bigotry, but to the contrary, I’m in no way a bigot, and I am far from homophobic! I love men, I love women, however my sexual desire to be with a woman is nonexistent and it’s for the simplest reason, a woman cannot satisfy my deepest desire, and that is to procreate with another human being with whom I have a deep love connection. It’s nothing profound, it’s just that simple! 

In 1970, Homosexuality was declared as a mental disorder and for over 23 years it was looked upon as such by the APA (American Psychological Association) and other researchers and medical institutions. It was also listed in the DSM (The diagnostic and statistical manual that the APA uses as a classification of standard mental disorders), however, with insurmountable protest between 1972 & 1973, the APA caved under the pressure and with a board vote of 13:0 with two noted abstentions, homosexuality was declared as “normal” and to be a form of sexual expression,” this is both repugnant and a contradiction. To me it would seem as though the APA and the other “qualified” organizations to make such diagnosis, have been hoodwinked and have bended to the contagion of this era of “open minded or free thinkers”; this is so depressing. 

In spite of many of the most credible bodies of organizations and groups forming the majority of this growing demographic of people, there’s still hope, the minority, it would now seem as they are, of the presumed bigots and homophobic are not capitulating their stance with regards and I’m with them! 

It is beyond reprehensible to consider that “black is the new gay” a phrase spewing from the mouths of many. There are so many things wrong with that phrase. When you think about the color black, it’s opaque almost giving off the impression that’s it’s so coagulated that it might not be penetrable, with that presumption one might allude to it being strong and if you look at black from that perspective it’s impossible to see strength being debased or being broken down into a nothingness. However, this is exactly what is happening to the black community, more and more black people are embracing this wide spreading sickness and devaluing the pride and power associated with being black. They’re being blindsided by this distraction and not realizing how it’s weakening everything ancestrally fought for which is the freedom to be black without prejudice. What enrages me the most about this is not that I believe that black people are a superior race to any other race, but that when it comes to being “Christian or Spiritual” you find that blacks are the most vocal! 

Your grandmother could probably quote the bible to you in her sleep, but she can’t remember what she ate for dinner and growing up in a Christian home, you don’t have the privilege of claiming to not know what’s wrong or right according to the bible. The intangible cost to black people is the thing they hold close to them the most, their pride and losing the grasp of whatever respect comes with it! Being black and being gay, is like an Obama growing up in a Trump home. Celebrities are the most powerful people on the planet, but even wielding that brand sometimes is not as powerful as the unity of blacks. When RnB singer Frank Ocean publicly confessed his sexuality preference, the black music industry abandoned him like he was leperous! Understand what it means to be black and the tolerance that the average black person does not have for that lifestyle.

Religious leaders are prevaricating when it comes to their stance on the subject, some not so evasive. Oliver White the pastor of Grace Community United church went on fox radio back in 2013 and boldly said that Jesus made a mistake about homosexuality and that “If Jesus were alive today, I think he would be more inclined to say: ‘you know, I didn’t know it all’….Blaspheme! 

I’d like to emphasize that my disgust and intolerance for this preternatural way of living and thinking does not come from any hate, nor am I ignorant to the lifestyle and the cage that comes with it. My biggest peeve and may be my only one with 98% of homosexuals is their attitude of entitlement. That they have a “right” to abase the bible and to call Christians heretics! It’s just insanely ridiculous how they fight for equality yet, attack anyone that does not support their lifestyle and it’s an extremely dubious assumption to make that a non-supporter of homosexuality is homophobic! Really?!! This is a general and erroneous provocation that the LGBT community purports of being marginalized and it’s very sad! 

The emotions of many human beings are fickle, that’s a fact and not an overstated opinion. Love and all its idiosyncratic devices can find and lead us to many places some of us cannot not fathom nor willingly desire, however, by design we are instinctive beings. There’s an alarm that goes off in us, when we either sense or discover danger, the less prone to an aficion for adrenaline will divert their course, but those with an appetite for disaster will draw near and homosexuality is the biggest suction device ever to be developed! It’s like “a dark sweet desirable taboo,” the curiosity of tasting yourself in another mirrored reflection of you, is alluring, but once you’ve sampled the physical and embraced that raw carnal desire, it’s very difficult to leave that birdcage! Your every sexual demented fantasy is being sated and the allure that it’s taboo electrifies the very core of your emotions! The master feeder is your sexual carnality and because it is you, it’s difficult to find anything wrong with yourself! You see the opposers as “close minded” or bigots or homophobic, when in fact it’s you that’s the real bigot and heterophobe. 

I have one last plight, I really would like to understand, if you say that you are a man that’s interested in another man, why are you attracted to a man dressed in women’s apparel, or a man that goes to the extreme to replicate a woman? If you are a woman that’s interested in another woman, why is there a need for a strap on or to crew cut your hair, strap down your breast and try your hardest to imitate a man? This is why the argument of homosexuality not being a mental disorder will for me always be a moot point, because that right there is to me contorted thinking.



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